MindMeister is a (mostly*) free website where you can make colourful mind maps which can be useful for revision. There is an endless amount of tools to assist you for your mindmap, such as different bubbles, adding boxes within the bubbles and inserting pictures. This website can also keep you organised because there are different templates like a weekly plan, project plan and exam preparation template. And like google documents if you would like to share a board all you need to do is send it to their email and they are free to edit the mind map as well. I found this website pretty useful myself mostly because of how convenient it is. As in a chemistry lesson we worked in small groups to produce one mind map that we looked back on for revision.

Nice – you can use your Google account to login to MindMeister. If you do this MindMeister will automatically save your mindmaps into your Google Drive giving you easy access at a later date.

*take a look here for the limitations of the free account and what you get if you fancy paying.

An example of MindMeister in action. Here, a mindmap used in A Level Music for ‘Music for Theatre’

Visit MindMeister here!

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