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Mrs Morton – Firefly

Mrs Morton has enthusiastically embraced the idea of technology by exploiting Firefly in her lessons and with her students. If you are one of Mrs Morton’s students you will know that she uses technology almost every lesson! Technology “…is the future and while the traditional ways of learning are good, we need to embrace the technology to further inspire our students” says Mrs Morton. With its intuitive and easy to use tools, Mrs Morton has made full use of Firefly despite only starting at Sheffield Girls’ in September 2018. “It’s easy and reliable because it automatically saves your work and is very easy to access for the students and teachers”. She also openly admits that she likes to look around Firefly and steal ideas from other teachers to improve her Firefly knowledge (Editor’s Note – a great idea! No need to reinvent the wheel everytime).

Mrs Morton is using technology and the following Firefly features with her students:Forums – this feature is used to provide feedback to studentsPage Comments – students can provide peer feedback on performancesVideo embeds – videoing scenes during drama so it’s easier to self-review performancesMrs Morton is in the process of sharing resources with students creating new and exciting pages to engage students with all aspects of drama and theatre from the comfort of their own home. (Ed – exciting!)A dedciated page for the cast of our school production of Taming of The Shrew. The page will have an up to date rehearsal schedule, ips for acting, line learning and allows quick and easy communication with the large number of students involved.

We salute you Mrs Morton and your technological endeavours! Keep up the excellent work!

Are you a teacher who’d like to learn more about Firefly?

Want to create a firefly forum? Take a look here.Want to create a firefly page? Press this link.Need to create a feeback form/assessment? Look here.

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