Need some help with revision? Quizlet is a very useful website and app for learning study sets which you can also download and study on the go. You can make the sets yourself and personalise them with pictures for example, or you can choose from the thousands already made. I personally find Quizlet helpful to learn vocab for different subjects as there are many modes such as Flashcards mode and Learn mode. Learn mode is especially beneficial because it creates a personalised study plan based on your familiarity with the set. It asks a variety of questions such as multiple choice and written answers which helps to not lose focus. In addition, there are games which are not only enjoyable but do actually help to learn the terms. For example, you can play Match or Gravity and adjust the settings to make it easier or more challenging for you. Quizlet Live is another engaging in-class game where you can work in teams to correctly match terms and definitions which is really fun. 

Access Quizlet here!

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