Why I’ll never switch from an iPhone

iPhone and Android users always disagree on whose phone is better.

I personally find that iPhones are more intuitive and are more user friendly with a much more aesthetic user interface. The external casing design is sleek and modern and a design classic in my opinion. In my experience, I have found that the camera is much better than those on Android devices, although in recent years, Android phone cameras have been much improved. The iPhone far outshines the Android in look and feel and usability.

My favourite feature of the iPhone is iCloud. The seamless connection between Apple devices enables the user to switch between devices with little disruption in applications, such as FaceTime, Messages and Notes. This functionality is not available on Android.

The release of iOS 16 was anticipated by many in the tech world. I have recently been using out the iOS 16 software. So far, I have been impressed. There are many new and exciting features, such as an option to customise multiple lock screens, which now include helpful widgets, along with different fonts and colours to give your lock screen a whole new look and feel. You can now unsend iMessages up to 15 minutes after sending them, and users can take photos which go directly to a shared album.

However, some may argue that these new features are copied from Android, and the lack of charger in box is a major shortcoming. Others may question Apple’s decision to bring out a new iPhone every September, as each year, less unique hallmarks are introduced. I do agree with this as the release of the iPhone 14 has been less than breathtaking, with the same camera, biometric security but a slightly improved operating system.

Having used many Android phones of different brands, I have found the user interfaces to be clunky and harder to navigate. The cameras generally aren’t as good, although some, such as Samsung, have improved greatly over recent years. Android offers a Google-based cloud, however I find it to be less integrated than iCloud, due to being different makes.

Androids have come a long way over time as technology has been refined, but for now, the iPhone will be my first choice.

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