Scrolling into Sad? Here’s Why TikTok Might Be Messing With Your Mind

Hey everyone, it’s Evie and let’s talk about something kinda serious. We all know TikTok is like, the best place for funny vids, dance challenges, and those amazing life hacks (seriously, how did I NOT know you could cut a watermelon with a rubber band?!). But lately, I’ve noticed my FY page feeling…off.

Here’s the thing: TikTok’s algorithm is like a mind-reader, except way creepier. It sees what videos you watch and then feeds you more of the same. Sounds cool, right? Well, yeah, if you’re stuck in a loop of hilarious cat videos. But what if you watch a couple videos about feeling down, or maybe one about those crazy diet trends? BOOM! Suddenly your whole feed is flooded with negativity.

Experts are saying this can be a real downer for our mental health. Constantly seeing unrealistic beauty standards can make you feel bad about yourself. And those challenges where everyone seems to have perfect lives? Yeah, not exactly real. It’s like comparing your behind-the-scenes blooper reel to everyone else’s highlight film. No wonder we start feeling down!

Here’s the good news: WE are in control! Here’s what you can do:

  • Be picky with your likes and shares. The algorithm is watching! Show it the kind of content that makes you feel good.
  • Take a break! Scrolling for hours can mess with your mood. Go outside, read a book, call a friend. There’s a whole world out there beyond TikTok.
  • Talk about it! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by negative content, vent to a friend, parent, or even a school counsellor.
  • Remember, social media isn’t always real life. Let’s keep TikTok fun and positive, and if it starts to bring you down, take a step back and focus on the amazing things that make YOU awesome.

Stay strong, and happy scrolling!

Image by Chen from Pixabay

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