Mrs Burne - Storyboard That

Mrs Burne – Storyboard That

Mrs Burne has been using Storyboard That in some of her lessons to allow students to bring stories in Latin to life. She admits that while students could draw the stories rather than use Storyboard That on their Chromebooks, the ease of use and the level-playing field (not everyone feels comfortable drawing) means that all students can produce enjoyable storyboards regardless of their artistic skills. She tells us that the Roman costumes are superb, the range of scenes is endless and that while the website is a little fiddly to use at first, it quickly becomes easy to navigate to produce high quality work.

Students have commented how much they enjoy using Storyboard That and have noted that using the website really makes the subject matter much more interesting as they can relate to the pictorial nature of the website.

Here’s a scanned example of a Storyboard That created by a student in one of Mrs. Burne’s classes:

Scan of Storyboard That
An example of student work using Storyboard That

We salute you Mrs Burne and your technological endeavours! Keep up the excellent work!

Are you a teacher who’d like to learn more about Storyboard That?

Want to know more about Storyboard That? Watch this short (4min) video.Get your students off to a flying start by using a template.Grab some teacher resources here.

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