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Pixabay is a platform with millions of great quality photos that are all free. Yes, free. The image quality is high and there are no watermarks on the photos. This means that you can resize the image and there will be no blurriness. All you have to do is simply go to the Pixabay website, search for the image you would like and you’ll find plenty of images to use in your school work, for a personal project, a website or even a poster that needs printing (how retro!). Every Pixabay photo is released under a Pixabay licence meaning there are no copyright issues and can be freely used in any project. 

Why do people upload free images?

People upload images on pixabay as it can give them a platform to promote their photography. To encourage the photos to be top quality you can only upload a certain number at a time. This number depends on the quality of the last photos you uploaded. So if you upload really good quality images last time you will be given the right to upload more images. When the limit is reached you are given a period of time to wait called a ‘recharge’. Also there is a possibility to make money, however it is completely voluntary whether to pay money for the images. They are 100% free unless you choose to donate money. When you download an image you will be prompted to donate money (but you don’t have to) and if you want to donate money you can choose how much.

Why should you use pixabay?

It is completely your choice to use Pixabay but I would recommend it as there has been many times when I am completing a project and need a photo to make it look a bit less boring or to strengthen an argument I am making. It’s very easy to head straight to Google Photos when looking to find images online but I always find that all the decent quality images have watermarks all over them or are copyrighted. Other images are often of poor quality or too low a resolution meaning that when I try to resize them the image becomes blurry. Whereas when I use Pixabay it doesn’t take long to find a high resolution image and when I resize it the quality on the image is still high and you can see the image clearly.

TECHNOPOLIS uses Pixabay for its images and we always credit the photographer, where known, at the bottom of our work. In this article we’ve used:

Header Image by Doğan Karadeniz from Pixabay
Cupcakes Image by Blandine JOANNIC from Pixabay
City Windows Image by Bárbara Cascão from Pixabay

Have you used Pixabay or do you have another website that you use to find high quality copyright free images? Share your thoughts with us below – we’d love to hear from you!

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