A Student Guide To Notion

The concept of Notion is to create an all-in-one workspace, where you can organise notes/documents, add tasks and track your revision. It is a productivity tool for anyone with work and tasks they want to sort out, and is very fitting for students as it comes with no cost once you have signed up with your school email address. Notion can be easily accessed in many ways from different devices and everything will stay in sync. (This includes the Notion website as well as the desktop and mobile app).

How to use Notion

When you first sign in you are given a very basic layout which you can later customise to your preference. 

On the left there is a taskbar which conveniently shows all your pages for easy access. Centered in the middle is the main page where you can start typing. To begin with I recommend exploring and using the pages Notion provides you (listed in the taskbar) for simple tasks and note taking. On each page there are helpful tips on how you can utilise Notion’s tools to keep organised.

Once you have become more comfortable with Notion, you can create new pages from scratch or start browsing templates from the Notion Template Gallery and copy them to your own Notion. These could be made for notes for a specific subject or revision and exam timetables. Here are some examples:

Additionally you can personalize the look of your Notion by adding an icon, a cover and different widgets to your page as well as changing the font and colour of your text. Here are some ideas from Pinterest:

My thoughts on Notion

This application has been gaining more popularity, which I think is because of the clean setup and its wide functionality Notion provides. I started using Notion around two months ago just for simple tasks and reminders. It has become very useful during Online Home Learning as I can easily check on my Notion from the same desktop. However, my favourite use is for revision notes as I can find everything organised in the taskbar. Overall, I would recommend Notion to students because of the range of organising tools it offers.

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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