Google Earth Projects: The Future of Planning?

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Google Earth Projects allows its users to create customised maps, journeys and stories from all around the world through text, images and links integrated into Google Earth. The easy-to-use creation tools within the familiar website let anyone share their journey or story with others to collaborate or present on the web or in the Google Earth App.

Check out this Google Earth Project example made by Mr Wiles, a teacher at Sheffield Girls’, to visualise the students trip down to London for the annual GDST Techathon in March 2020!

Although you may think this feature could be useful to Geography teachers showing students landmarks and travel companies allowing their customers to see their routes and destinations, it actually has many more uses than you would ever imagine:

For instance, this project illustrates the awful journey one enslaved person took to become free.
Antarctic - Google Earth Projects
and this Japanese Art Teacher has demonstrated an Antarctic expedition using the features, without ever having to step outside and endure the cold

More examples could include exploring the dangers of active volcanoes near towns and cities, and the impacts it would have if it were to erupt, as well as indicating the storyline of a journey or book an English class could be studying.

This tool could be incredibly useful in a classroom environment, with numerous possibilities in every subject. As the use of technology in schools is increasing, many are finding ways to interactively learn without the need to leave the classroom and spend money and time travelling to dangerous or expensive places.

To access Google Earth Projects:

Projects Icon
  • Click New project
  • If you need help, easy to follow instructions can be found here

Have you used Google Earth Projects? What were your thoughts? How have you used them and would you recommend them to others? Let us know your thoughts by completing the boxes below!

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