Instagram is an American photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and launched in October 2010.

Instagram is not just for kids. I know this because my Aunt has it, most of my family, celebrities and companies. Instagram is a way to express yourself and show your followers about you, your lifestyle, your tastes and a product that you use or have launched. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teen, an adult, a parent, a teacher, a CEO – Instagram is a tool to express yourself through a snapshot of a perfect moment or a simple selfie. Your age, your qualifications, your location or your political persuasions do not matter.

Even though Instagram is a popular and fun website loved by many, it has rules and restrictions. Instagram requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account (in some countries, this age limit may be higher). If your child is younger than 13 and created an account on Instagram, you can show them how to delete their account. Or, if you’re a parent and worried, take a look at this helpful guide from Net Aware.

As a teenager the thing I have that I use the most is social media. Us young youth spend most of our time scrolling, liking posts and reading the latest news or gossip. Do I think its addictive? YES!… Instagram for me is addictive; but so it seems are all social media apps. Many parents, much to their frustration, know that their kids can be addicted to social media and can spend a large proportion of the day, if left unsupervised, glued to their screens. While I’m not exactly defending teens’ reasons to be stuck on social media but the so called fear of missing out (FOMO) is what drives many of us to keep checking, flicking, liking, sharing and uploading to social media. This is natural for us teens but parents, perhaps understandably, worry it’s not just a faze.

As an Instagram user I can say it is used for more than posts and pictures. Companies such as Nike, Google, Hollister and Youtube have accounts like us normal people. Even up and coming movies often have their own Instagram feeds. Instagram is a way I talk to my friends and stalk famous accounts 😉. Scrolling through Instagram has always been fun and eventful. I find shopping, links, companies and find out about new movies or what happened yesterday on Love Island! I love it and while I admit to a somewhat over-use of it, I’m not sure it’d be the same if it were just used by kids to share their latest picture of their pet poodle or a tasty Pot Noodle.

What’s your opinion on Instagram? Is it still the massive social media app that everyone was once talking about or has Tik Tok taken the top spot? Share your thoughts with us below.

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Noodles Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

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