Keep Track of your Pocket Money

Do you ever find it hard to keep track on what you are spending or how much you can spend? All you need is one simple Google application to sort out all your problems!

Google Sheets is an application which is used for many things including keeping track of your pocket money.

You can use the built in functions to easily see how much money you have left after your spendings.

In order to work out the total of income and outgoings you can use the SUM function.

Fig 1 – SUM Formula

In Fig 1 you can see that the function SUM (B3,B4) has calculated the total pocket money/income from both cells. (£50+£0 = £50). This is very helpful as the total automatically updates as you change the numbers in the cells so you don’t need to work it out yourself!

Fig 2.

The total money spent is calculated here, in Fig 2. The function SUM(E3:E5) is used for this. The colon means the total should include all the cells in the column between E3 and E5 (so E3, E4 and E5). This is very useful (especially with long columns) as you don’t need to type out every single cell number.

Alternatively, you could use budgeting templates which are available on Google Sheets. This gives you a layout you can use and gives you instructions on how to start using it! You can easily customise the template to your liking. It has a more professional look and has the formulas done for you. All you need to do is input the numbers!

Another great feature of any Google application is that you can share your google sheet to anyone with a Google account. This allows other people to edit your ‘pocket money tracker’ or just view it.

To track your money for each month, you could use a different sheets to organise it or you can view your ‘version history’ to see the total pocket money you had remaining from each individual month.

Google Sheets is a very useful application but it’s not the only one. There are many other practical google applications which are easy to use and are convenient for many different things.
Take a look at Google’s Applied Digital Skills for some further inspiration on using Google Sheets for budgeting.

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