Keeping Passwords Safe

Your password is vulnerable

It’s important to have a good passwords because they prevent unauthorised access accessing your private data.

If a password is easy to crack a cybercriminal can:

  • Access to your bank account criminal simply has to break it to gain access to everything.
  • Purchase items online with your money.
  • Impersonate you on social media.
  • Send emails in your name.
  • Access private information held on your computer

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TIPS to keep your security of passwords online safer and more secure:

  • Avoid saving passwords to browsers
  • Keep it unique
    • Make every password unique and secure, even if it’s for a service that you’re only going to use once or twice. There’s always a chance, that one day you’ll give these ‘lesser services’ your credit card details.
  • Make them long
  • Make them Random
    • Avoid using common phrases, quotes,references, and passwords such as birthdays, anniversaries, pet’s names, the word ‘password’,ascending or descending numbers for example 4321 or 12345 or duplicated numbers such as 1111, a word from the dictionary word
  • Regularly change them
  • Vary them
  • Never use the same password for different accounts
    • Criminals can simply guess one password and then break into numerous websites
  • Don’t recycle passwords – for example password2, password3
  • Encrypt your passwords
    • If you write passwords down, do it in a way that you can read, but makes them indecipherable to others.
  • Use an online password vault or safe
    • An alternative to writing down passwords is to use and online password safe/vault
    • Some iPhone vaults to explore:
  • Modify easy-to-remember phrases 
    • One tip is to think of a passphrase, like a line from a song, and then use the first letter from each word, substituting numbers for some of the letters. For example: “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” could become “10oBb0tW”.

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